Server 2003 - Supported?

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Server 2003 - Supported?

Postby tclemmer » 26. September 2006 20:44

I noticed that the download for windows mentions Win98, 2000, and XP. Are there any known issues with using XAMPP on Windows Server 2003?

Appreciate your response,

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Postby Izzy » 27. September 2006 11:27

XAMPP is an integration facility for Apache, mySQL, MercuryMail, FileZilla, PHP and Perl.

It facilitates an easy and simple installation process on any Windows operating systems. The core of the system is the Apache Portable Runtime (APR), which enables the Apache core to run on more or less any system with a C compiler.

The only point that may be deemed an issue is that all of the modules run on standard server ports and as such would conflict with IIS if you tried to run them on the same ports.

Simple solution is to run the XAMPP modules on different ports to any that IIS uses. This is quit easily achieved and documented by using the various configuration files. Also an xampp-portcheck.exe file is included to check for port conflicts. I also found a site that has a different solution if you want to run both on the same port 80: ... 18472.html

You won't break anything by trying out XAMPP as I am sure many who frequent these forums have done already.

I found a site that has some good comparison information about IIS6 and the latest Apache2 servers. IIS6 is only available in Windows Server 2003. ... hp/3074841

If you have specific issues after installing XAMPP on WS2003, please feel free to post them on these forums.
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Postby tclemmer » 27. September 2006 13:38


Thanks for the info. Our current plan will not include IIS. I was just looking for a heads up and you provided lots of great material for us to read.


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xammp work fime on my server 2003

Postby deltakitt » 11. October 2006 01:55

i have no problums with my server and it is windows 2003 server
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