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Access from outside but not from inside network

PostPosted: 26. September 2006 18:53
by Tcchap
I have installed XAMPP to host MOODLE, which is an open source course management software. Anyway, my school district set me up with an external ip number so that teachers could access the server from outside the network. This works fine, the problem is that we can't access the server from inside the network. I was just wondering if it is a tech issue with our network admins or if it is a config issue with my apache config files. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

PostPosted: 27. September 2006 00:37
by Izzy
There are some issues with configuration of your network to allow a server to use it.

With little to go on you may find this link worth a read as the original poster had what may be a similar issue: ... 4230#84230

Thanks Izzy

PostPosted: 27. September 2006 12:13
by Tcchap
Thanks Izzy,

I had read that post and tried thisL



DocumentRoot /www/server1
ServerAlias server


I am a little familiar with the config file but I tried it and no luck. Let me see if I have this straight. My external ip is 168.... and my internal is 10.....

I used the 168 number for ServerName in the config file so what should be the ServerAlias? Should it be the 10... IP. When I read that post yesterday, I thought that it sounded like my situation. My problem is that I am a newbie and this stuff is difficult for me. I have made it this far though and I will get it done. I will try to get some more specific information from my tech director to see if I can describe our situation a little more clearly. Thanks for the reply.

PostPosted: 27. September 2006 13:02
by Izzy
Just as an example of what your xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf file might look like:
Code: Select all
ServerName localhost
DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs"


DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs//www/server1"
<Directory "C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs//www/server1">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
ErrorLog logs/domainname.log
CustomLog logs/domainname.log common

Of course the paths will be your actual paths and the names and IPs will be your actual IPs.

Don't forget to restart apache when making changes to conf files and always backup the conf files before editing.

Make sure the network administrator has allowed the ports required for your server on your local network to be opened.

Your windows host file:
should also be edited, by dragging into your text editor, with for example: localhost
Save As hosts