Moving the xampp directory

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Moving the xampp directory

Postby Leo_55 » 24. September 2006 12:06

The windows FAQ is not really clear about how i move the xampp directory...
my xampp directory have been used for quite a while in the program files directory but i noticed that it cause some problems with the include(); in php so i decided to move it to the C:/ itself.
can anyone give me a walkthrough on how to move it? :oops:
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Re: Moving the xampp directory

Postby Izzy » 25. September 2006 07:48

Leo_55 wrote:The windows FAQ is not really clear about how i move the xampp directory...

What do you find unclear about this FAQ?
I would like to move the XAMPP package into another directory!
Hmm ... If the "install" directory is present I would try the following:
Copy the entire XAMPP package into the new directory of your choice.
Then start here again the "setup_xampp.bat" for refresh all configuration files.
Test everything! If all servers really still working here, it is okay!
If not, then not and you should remove that copy!
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Postby irene » 21. May 2007 18:17

I downloaded the zipped version xampp and extracted it to a root level dir (c:\xampp). Like this it should be movable: cut (CTRL-X) c:\xampp and paste (CTRL-V) in e.g. f:\xampp.

Then I used setup_xampp.bat only to notice that 'something' went wrong. By examining the errorlogs in the F:\xampp\apache\logs dir I found that all references now were to c:f:\... instead of f:\...

With windows' search within file function I manually changed (hopefully) all instances.
But: what went wrong? Is it me or is it the setup_xampp.bat?
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