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help! mysql is having me harsh time

PostPosted: 22. September 2006 20:57
by phpist
i installed xampp. php works but mysql doesn't... when i use some mysql functnions like mysql_select_db with a valume that's not exists it doesn't send me an error . hw can i know if mysql works???

PostPosted: 22. September 2006 21:49
by Izzy
Try the demo database CD Collection from the XAMPP welcome Page menu:
CD Collection (Example for PHP+MySQL+PDF Class)

Also check it is running using the XAMPP Control Panel:

You can check the mySQL error log in:
The file is named as your computer name plus the file extension of err.
To read it just drag it into your favourite text editor.

PostPosted: 23. September 2006 08:58
by phpist
Tnx it seems like mysql works fine now.