Attn: Newbie Need Help With LocalHost and XAMPP service

Problems with the Windows version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related.

Attn: Newbie Need Help With LocalHost and XAMPP service

Postby zthemeow » 21. September 2006 04:50

1) I can't start the last item of the setting menu: Xampp service
It says service-specific error code 32. What that means?

2) I dont know how to change my SQL username from root to something else. but I added a password

3) I added a password and a username on the second form in security setting, I think that is the localhost password. I am not too sure why I can't access the page with my localhost passowrd.

4) Does PHPNuke conflict with XAMPP (note I haven't install PHPNuke, it is however on one of my free subdoman)

5) I would like to make friends with anyone who are interested in finding people to discuss about XAMPP, PHPNuke, etc. But I have a variety of hobbies other than comp sci. Welcome to drop me a line: (MSN) add me
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