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Puzzled : xamp kills

PostPosted: 18. September 2006 03:51
by feralrath
i have been running web severs for many years but this is very puzzeling.

when i do a manual setup of apache/mysql/php/phpmyadmin it runs to slow to really do anything with (about 40-60seconds to load a 10kb image), but if i run "ping -t" it returns constant values of 19-60ms every time.

when i set up xamp everthing is perfect, all sites and images load in ms instead of sec's. but if i run the same 'ping -t' it now returns values of 1100-2500ms' constantly. making it imposiple to do anything on the internet on any computer on my network.

my sever system is:

ms win xp
1g ddr mem
amd64 2.4g

any help would be greatly appreciated.


PostPosted: 20. September 2006 20:53
by nimd4
I'm having a similar but different problem, so I'm posting it in your thread :) With xampp-win32-1.5.4-installer.exe Windows Explorer lags when launching applications and apache process is ~99% CPU (installed as service, automatic) .. this was so messed up so I uninstalled and everything is fine lol :| With xampp installed, new Windows Explorer process (anything, web browser, defragmenter) lags for up to ~10 seconds with apache taking all CPU .. this is the strangest thing :)

PostPosted: 27. September 2006 23:53
by nimd4
Sorted the problem .. it was NOT xampp (or Windblows) related :/ Sorz 4 spam :)