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Postby Mark18 » 18. September 2006 03:04

yeah i installed xampp on my PC i was gonna set it up for a private host and ive done it before just manually with php, apache and everything but now i have a router and for some reason i think its the problem nobody can go to my ip to see w/e im hosting help please? i even went in and port forwarded port 80
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Postby feralrath » 18. September 2006 17:20

make sure that pors 80 is forwarded in tcp not udp. also make sure that if you are running a firewall (windows firewall or any other) that xampp and all its processes (apache/php/mysql) have access to the internet through it.

the easy thing to do is disable your firewall and have a friend try to connect. if that works than you know the problem.
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