Outlook Express or Mozilla Mail!?

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Outlook Express or Mozilla Mail!?

Postby Sean-Michael » 17. September 2006 02:04

What a helpful community! I've been searching and searching here since I started my install of xampp and I must say the level of helpfulness here is awesome!

So, I'm stuck on how to get my mail system working and I find that the more I search for help on this the more I get confused! Every one seems to be speaking about the same thing but in different ways I just cant tell what the solution is! Heres as much info as I know and I hope someone can point me in the write direction.


I can complete the mail tasks described in the xampp demos, I guess this means mercury is working;

I have a phpbb forum installed and all seems to be working but the mail system, using the forum it tells me messages are sent but none get to my E-mail box and I get no errors. Im under the impression that I need a "client" like Outlook Express or Mozilla mail or Pegasus, if this is true where do I go to learn how to do this?

I use Zoneedit for my server names and only entered ip's for my domain so far, do I need to do more there?

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Postby Izzy » 17. September 2006 03:57

If you don't have an e-mail "client" then how do you read your email at present?

Re the phpBB issue did you set your config to use 'Sendmail'?

If so then this post might help:
http://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopi ... 0849#80849

Off topic:
I see an image july-30_banner.png that is 136kb which should be reduced in kbs to no more than about 20kb for the web, especially as you seem to be refreshing that image every few minutes.

Might be alright from where you are looking at it or if your visitors are all on broadband but dial-up users have no chance. Apart from that it is using up lots of bandwidth and consequently other resources.

Always save your images with an average quality setting of around 60% which is basically a "Save for the web" settings in your image editing software.

I was able to save your image as a 60% jpg file with a negligable drop in quality with a size of 9.63kb - a big drop on 136kb. I used Fireworks for this experiment but most good image editors will do the deed for you.
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Postby Sean-Michael » 18. September 2006 07:24

Wow Izzy, you really know your stuff!

So everything seems to be working ok now, well that is mail is being sent but for some reason when I try to start mercury mail it now acts like it will start but then stops... in the xampp control panel anyway but when I send mail its still working and from /xampp it also states that it is running... is this normal?

Also, about the mail client, I was under the impression that somehow I was supposed to use like Outlook to send the mail... my mistake!

Thank you for pointing out my large images, I would have probably for got to do some optimizing because I just threw together a page so I would know I was online.
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