want to give a friend access...not just test or local server

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want to give a friend access...not just test or local server

Postby RavenBF » 14. September 2006 18:48

Ok....of all the resources i have found, they are all to set up Xampp as a local or test server. I know how to set up Xampp for this. I know the warnings about security issues and such......but only 1 person is going to have access to my database and it is physically impossible for him to get on my local network as he is in Cali and I am in Texas. As far as other people hacking in..... the server is set up on a system where it dosent matter if people hack into it because the ONLY thing on it is Xampp and my database. It is also set up on a internet connection dedicated to that server and is in no way connected to my other personal computers in the house......

With that being said, yes i understand the security issues, but there is nothing of importance on the computer my friend (whom i trust) will be getting access to, nor anybody that may come across my IP address.

I know that I will have to create a username and password for myphpadmin, and i know the URL i need to give him to run the database program.....

i just need to know what i have to do to give him access to it

can anybody please help me with this.
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Postby feralrath » 18. September 2006 17:39

if you are behind a router you need to port worward port 80 to your computers ip. also if there are any firewalls on your computer you need to give xampp/apache/mysql/php access to the internet, or it wont work.
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