Can't access my website from Internet only "localhost&q

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Can't access my website from Internet only "localhost&q

Postby dalem » 03. September 2006 11:05

Hi !

First can I apologise to Izzy for sending PM. I do realise that I should have posted this on the Forum for all to see. Sorry !

I have the latest release of xampp installed on Windows XP Pro.
I use Zonedit to redirect to my IP address.

Installation of xampp was fine with no errors, I can connect to MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, etc. etc.

I copied my website to xampp/htdocs and tried to access it from my browser.

My browser can open my website but as soon as I try to browse my site it changes from "Internet" to "localhost". (I have Internet Explorer and in the bottom right corner is an image of the world, it shows if you are connected to Internet or Localhost)

It seems to be stuck on a loop somewhere always pointing to localhost.
Localhost works just fine but not from the Internet.

I have asked friends to try and view my site and they also get the same problem. They can see the homepage but as soon as they try browsing other pages they get error messages like "can't connect to localhost apache 2.... etc etc etc"

I have tried to sort this out myself and have looked on the Forum for help and answers but without success.

I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you.

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Postby Izzy » 03. September 2006 11:31

No problems, Dalem. We may be able to help others this way who may have a similar issue.

I need to know what software you are accessing that allows you to access the index page then reverts to the localhost copy on your system.

Sounds like a CMS like phpnuke or some other such software.

You may be able to save time by checking the software's configuration for the correct paths on your server. It would appear that this may be the issue here.

If your concerned about security you can PM me your URL and possibly a user/pass for admin access so I can check things out for you. You can always delete my user/pass after the issue is resolved.
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Postby dalem » 03. September 2006 18:59

Hi Izzy.

Thank you for your reply.
Please could you confirm exactly what user/admin pass you need and i'll send with pleasure.
I don't have any CMS/PHP Nuke software to access my site.
All I use is xampp/Internet Explorer.
This is probably one of those silly things that pop up now and again but I just can't seem to figure out what's going wrong.
I have uninstalled xampp and I am in the process of re-installing just to see if it happens again.

Thanks again for your help.

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Postby Izzy » 03. September 2006 22:04

In your original PM you mentioned it reverting to localhost after entering a user/pass combination. I assumed you had a CMS of some kind.
I can access only my home page from the Internet but as soon as I login or try to browse my site it changes from Internet to Localhost. (You know in Internet Explorer at the bottom of your browser you have a little image of the world ? well that changes from Internet to Localhost)

Can you give me your URL so I can take a look at what is happening. This is important as without it I won't be able to help you. I can only guess at what is wrong.

After installing did you click on xampp/setup_xampp.bat

Did you empty your IE browsers cache?

When doing test work on your web site or server you should set your browser to refresh pages on every visit then empty your cache, as the cache is not your best friend in these cases.
To do this in IE click on:
Tools/Internet Options...
In the General Tab under the heading Temporary Internet Files click on:
Under Check for newer versions of stored pages click on:
Every visit to the page
Click on OK
Then click on Delete Files.. under Temporary Internet Files.
Don't tick the box just click OK.
Now visit your page again from the Internet.
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FAO Izzy

Postby dalem » 04. September 2006 21:58

Hi Izzy!

Everything is O'K now, everything is working how it should.
Well Izzy it was nothing to do with Xampp.....
Forgive me if I wasted anybodys time.
The problem was in one of my scripts for my site, it was pointing to "localhost"
I'd just like to say thanks for your time anyway and for your help.
Wishing you success. Thank you.

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