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Smarty & Xampp

Postby pasado » 30. August 2006 07:55

Has anyone found out how to use Smarty with Xampp yet???

I found 2 other requests for this which were posted 2 years ago but were not replied to!! I see the libs are included with xampp but no info on how to implement them or how to use them...

Please help!
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Postby Izzy » 30. August 2006 08:31

Have you tried to install Smarty on your XAMPP server?

What errors, if any, did you receive?

Have you seen this FAQ? ... #install-2

or this? ... .php?t=586

There is also an install guide for Windows and this document assumes that you have a webserver and php5:

I did a Google for smarty for apache windows which returned some useful pages.

Someone who has installed Smarty might read this thread and give more info for you. If I get time I may see if I can install it and post back, but don't hold your breath. :)
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Postby pasado » 30. August 2006 09:31

cheers Izzy I have a look at those links :?
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Postby Dave_L » 30. August 2006 20:12

I use Smarty with XAMPP. I don't recall having to do anything unusual to get it to work.
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