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Session problem

PostPosted: 28. August 2006 13:59
by lptr

I have some problems with the sessions... I create a session and see it is created in the tmp folder, but my web server doesn't "see" them... I create session like that: $_SESSION['username'] = $username; (and for test i replaced $username with lptr, didn't working again) and see the new file in my tmp folder. But when i try to use it (echo $_SESSION['username'];) it display nothing... In the beginning at every script i have session_start(); and these scripts works fine with appserv, but in xampp... :( Can anyone help me to solve this problem ? :( Thanks!

PostPosted: 29. August 2006 08:59
by ashokleyland
i have the same problem here. each time a session_start() is sent, the session file in the temp folder is reset. the script works fine on the server.

PostPosted: 12. January 2007 08:41
by hoergen
That has nothing to do with buggy code. There is a unhappy configuration in php.ini

Change the session.save_path to something like

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session.save_path = "0;600;C:\Temp

dem hoergen