Where to put my document pages?

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Where to put my document pages?

Postby Rmashruwala » 23. August 2006 08:38

I am new to XAMPP. I like to use it to manage my family website. Until now I used vanilla Apache but I downloaded XAMPP to add PHP and MYSQL.
My installation has gone smoothly and everything is working.

When I was using vanilla Apache, I modified httpd.conf file to point the Document Root to another folder not under Apache directory. I also have virtual hosts whose document roots are outside of the apache directory.

By making the same change in XAMPP configuration, my apache is working but I don't think PHP etc are not functional. For example, I am unable to get to get to http://localhost/xampp/index.php.

What is the right way to not put all of my documents under htdocs folder located under XAMPP?
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Postby Izzy » 23. August 2006 09:21

You need to look at xampp/apache/conf/extra/httpd.vhosts.conf

This is where you create them in the latest version of XAMPP.

Keep your httpd.conf file default settings and use the conf files in the extra directory. This should allow you to get your XAMPP Welcome pages back again.

The php.ini file is in xampp/apache/bin directory.

Do forum search to reveal some already virtual host posts. Or look at the Tutorials mentioned below.

Post back if you get stuck and paste your conf files so they can be checked.
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