XAMPP is a headache

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XAMPP is a headache

Postby Chapaeff » 21. August 2006 00:01

I think i will never use XAMPP again... Simlpe? Nope, buggy. :evil:

The first error was with pear - it' wasn't working good and i had to install go-pear over xampp's pear to make it work normally.

Now I have a BUG with mysql. I decided to change my project to utf-8 so i created new database with utf8 encoding, but the connection is latin1, and i don't want to add mysql_query('SET NAMES utf8'); to every script.

In MySQL documentation I found:

To change the connection charset permanently to UTF-8, add the following line in the [mysqld] section:

init-connect='SET NAMES utf8'

I made it, but it doesn't work - I have another server with LAMP (not XAMPP - everything was installed manually) and it works there!

Any solution?
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