simple mysql question

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simple mysql question

Postby enobaco » 17. August 2006 12:15

I have mysql working in xampp. However, at the mysql command line, pressing the up button doesn't show me my previous commands. I have had this work before in other mysql environments but not sure if this is a limitation with xampp.
Is there something I can configure? otherwise this will drive me crazy.

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Postby Izzy » 17. August 2006 12:35

Not sure if this will help but if you go up to the command line window title bar you will see an icon in the left corner.

If you click on it a drop menu will appear.

Select the Defaults item.

A Console Windows Properties will pop up.

Just click OK without making any changes.

Go back to the above drop menu and select Properties and make sure the Command History Buffer Size and Number of Buffers resembles the defaults you just looked at.

This may fix your problem as it is not an XAMPP or a mySQL problem but it is a Console History Buffer issue.

Click Ok
Select your choice and click OK

BTW you can use the right arrow button to re-type the last command letter by letter.
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