Apache shutting down regularly and unexpectedly

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Apache shutting down regularly and unexpectedly

Postby planix » 16. August 2006 06:35


I am using XAMPP for Windows Version 1.5.1. Running Apache 2.2.0, PHP 5.1.1 and MySQL 2.7.0.

I am running Windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4 on a Pentium 4 with 3.2Ghz of RAM.

Apache has just recently been shutting down unexpectedly and regularly. There are no warnings and no indications that the service has stopped. The XAMPP control panel indicates that the service is "Running" but it actually is not.

Looking at the Apache error.log I noticed a lot of entries indicating;

"FATAL: erealloc(): Unable to allocate XX bytes"

From my reading of other posts on other sites this is an indication that there is a major error for Apache and it does simply shut down.

My question(s) are;

Does anyone know what might be causing this behaviour?

If so, does anyone know how to fix it?

If not, is there some workaround that anyone can suggest? I have set the service to restart after failures but that is not helping. Is there some other approach to auto restarting Apache after a failure like this?

Many thanks

Alistair Campbell
Townsville QLD Australia
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Postby Izzy » 16. August 2006 08:49

I don't have any experience with this issue but others have and one remedy involved the swap file.

It seems to point to something on your Windows OS as you say, this has just started to happen and is continuing to happen at regular intervals. If it was Apache it would have done this from the day you installed it.

Try increasing you swap file size and see if that helps.

Also try upgrading to 1.5.3a which if it is Apache or PHP (which was another mentioned bug related to this) then the upgrade might fix it.

Sorry I have nothing definitive to offer even on the auto restart request. I don't think even WinCron would be any help on the restart issue.

Good luck and post back if you sort it out also others reading this might have more info.
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