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hMail Server instead of Mercury Mail

PostPosted: 15. August 2006 23:51
by bluemamba
I was wondering if not better use hMail Server instead of the Mercury Mail for the Windows XAMPP.

I've tryied Mercury 1 year ago and I've found it quite unfriendly.
hMail seems more simple to use, has a user friendly GUI, is safe, VERY fast, it also has web interface for both management and web clients, and Clam Antivirus at one clik distance.
I've even manage to make hMail use the MySQL from the XAMPP installation instead of its built-in mysql server.

If you have some similar experinces, share it with us.

PostPosted: 17. August 2006 01:30
by Izzy
I have just revived a poll created by Killerfrog for this.

Members can vote for it (or not) in this thread which will need to be bumped from time to time to keep it up at the top of the forum or it will slip away into oblivion again. Which will mean that it will not be noticed by the Dev. team who are the ones that would need to make the changes.

At the moment only 9 members have bothered to vote. It will need many more voters to even be noticed let alone considered.

So come on folks, vote and ask your friends to vote too. :)