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Problems with the Windows version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related.

Postby Izzy » 14. August 2006 12:52

Well done! All's well that ends well :)

Now get some sleep :D
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Postby Wiedmann » 14. August 2006 12:58

Glad to hear that all is working now :-)

A last note:
Note: du_mayada is the localhost name.

This was not the problem in this case, but "du_mayada" is not a legal hostname for HTTP and URI's in HTML (an underscore "_" is not allowed here).
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Postby mayada » 14. August 2006 13:13

Great, nice to know. Thanks for that.

Again that was a typo the host name is actually du-mayada. I guess hyphen is allowed since it is working for me?

Strange enough, with all the typos and mistakes in file names i've been making, my fiddly php coding is going well. At least one thing is working.

Off to bed

Have a great day all
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