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PostPosted: 08. August 2006 05:57
by Wiedmann
You remember my first post?
Wiedmann wrote:Please post the error message that you really have.

A description is not enough. Make a copy 'n paste (and the URI that you have in the address bar) or a screenshot of the error page.

PostPosted: 08. August 2006 06:02
by nephro
Tried to remove the line, and that gave this :

on the login.php page, it is still not working, and the modcp.php, it send me back on the index.php (this is normal)

but how the forum is suppose to work without the session id in the links? I really don't understand why it is not working on my server and it is working on somme free hosting service (Lycos)...

But for this, if this is a problem linked to the forum code, i'll go ask to them...

PostPosted: 08. August 2006 06:06
by nephro

PostPosted: 08. August 2006 06:19
by Wiedmann
As I assumed before:

Your server is on "".

But this page redirect you to a server on "" (an IP you can't access from your LAN).

Thus this is a configuration error or a bug in phpBB.

PostPosted: 08. August 2006 06:22
by nephro
Damn sorry forgot to told you : I use an pic i found on the Internet, faster to do that do an printscreen, put it on the net, write the link here...

but in the adresse bar of the screenshot, you should see the links that i've told that they don't work


I've made the screenshot, hoping that lycos will not tell you that they can't let you see it... :

PostPosted: 08. August 2006 06:41
by nephro
I'm off for the night (it's 1:40 AM here)

i'll be back tommorow... just post to tell what you think the problem is...

Thanks you for the time you take to try to resolve this problem :)

PostPosted: 09. August 2006 02:22
by nephro
Problem not solved, but I'm using another forum (Aztek) and this one works fine, so I'll keep this one.

But thanks you for trying to help me... :)