Change pass of Mercury and FileZilla

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Change pass of Mercury and FileZilla

Postby Silverman » 06. August 2006 15:52

I already used the search function to see how to change the pass of Mercury and FileZilla ...
But no succes, how to do that ... ?
Cause it's still not safe ... !!

Thanks anyway,
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Postby Izzy » 07. August 2006 02:45

To start and use and configure the services of Mercury Mail and Filezilla as the administrator from localhost you don't need a password or even need to change one.

User accounts of the mail and ftp services you offer to your clients do however need a user/pass combination and these are set up and configured or changed in the Admin... panels of either program and are accessible from the XAMPP Control Panel after the services are have been started and are running.

For some good reading go to the link below and register to view the excellent XAMPP Tutorials.

After registering click on the XAMPP - Tutorials in the left frame menu bar.

Here is a link to another Mercury Mail how-to that might come in handy. ... il-server/
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Postby Silverman » 07. August 2006 11:54

Thank you, i shall look at them ...
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