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Postby SolveEtCoagula07 » 05. August 2006 06:46

Is there any way that the developers of XAMPP can install PHP-GTK?

Thanks in advance.
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Postby Izzy » 05. August 2006 07:36

A quote from this web page plus there is some good reading here including the comments at the bottom of the page:
PHP-GTK is an extension that allows you to create GUI standalone, cross-platform applications. This extension is not used for the web in any way, but for client-side applications.

I would suggest downloading a version of PHP just to install PHP-GTK on and not to use the PHP version in XAMPP. I doubt that the XAMPP version of php would be compatible with PHP-GTK. ;)

From what I understand of it all GTK+ is a programming language for desktop use rather than for use with a web server. Much like Java, VB etc. etc.

Is it not possible for you to download and install a binary for a particular version of PHP you download for just that purpose from:
and then install it yourself?

Some more interesting reading:
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