Apache Crash Windows Server 2003

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Apache Crash Windows Server 2003

Postby hinesystems » 04. August 2006 15:56


Great product - I've been using Xampp for years but recently run into a problem I can't solve..

I've installed Apache 2.2.2 from xampp-win32-1.5.3a-installer.exe on a new Windows 2003 Server (5.2 Build 3790 Platform 2 Service Pack 2) but if pages of the PHP website it is running are requested too fast (by clicking on the href links fast) the Apache server sometimes crashes (about 3 times a day).

Windows gives dll windows pop error (msvcr71.dll or ntdll.dll or rarely php5ts.dll) report the problem to m$ error a few times.

This is a new quad core machine - one of the cores hits 100% CPU usage before Apache crashes.

Does apache not come with flood protection?

Is there an NT optimised exe? Any ideas how to stop these crashes?

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Postby Izzy » 05. August 2006 03:58

Why not download and install the latest 2.2.3 win32 version of Apache from:


The file you would most likely want is:

You never know it just may solve your problems.
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Postby hinesystems » 27. August 2006 21:16

Resolved - it was because of mod_bandwidth (http://ivn.cl/apache/) which when removed resolved all issues.

Shame mod_bandwidth is nice.

Cheers for help.
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