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have a question...

Postby kasha » 02. August 2006 10:51


I downloaded the 7-part ZIP file for Xampplite (without installer? it was only 15MB) and have a question, but first I'll tell you what I did:

1) setup_xampp.bat. it opened up a window in DOS. nothing exciting happened and it lasted about 5 seconds.

2) apache_installservice.bat. again, DOS. nothing exciting.

3) mysql_installservice.bat. DOS once again. is anything exciting going to happen?

So far, so good (i think).

4) i started apache_start.bat. An ms-dos window pops up and says "Apache 2 is starting" nothing else happens. is this normal? the window has disappeared.

5) then I started mysql_start.bat. it now says " L> " that window too has disappeared

6) then I started "xampp_start.exe" - it says *** Apache + MysQL is starting NOW ***. that's where it's stayed.

7) I opened my browser to http://localhost/xampp/ and it says "Congratulations:
You successfully installed XAMPP on this system!"

so, now for my big question....

---> now what?

am i not supposed to see a program? i want to poke around mySQL and see what's going on. Please forgive me, but I know NOTHING about this PHP stuff. don't even know what mySQL looks like. I just have a book and want to practice some coding. i see no icons anywhere on my computer. isn't this a program?

Thanks to anyone who responds to this!
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