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error pages

Postby mastercrypt » 02. August 2006 10:06

where can i set custum error pages to my own ??

Sincerly Lars :oops:
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Postby martinpre » 02. August 2006 13:05

you can set 404 pagen (i think that you mean them) like this:

create a file named .htaccess and open it

then write this with your new Errorpage
ErrorDocument 404

save it and load it to your webspace or copy it in the folder for which the Error page should be used
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Postby dwion » 02. August 2006 15:26


I think what you're looking for is in the httpd-conf file (/xampp/apache/conf/httpd-conf) down around line 450. You can set custom error messages in three ways. Uncomment the option you want and set the path accordingly.
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