/usr/local/bin/php path not found?

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/usr/local/bin/php path not found?

Postby arvind » 31. July 2006 22:54

i am trying to install an php based application. i have a window based hosting server without access to root. i got this error http://alumni.mafsu.in/error/index.php.htm. then i tried it on xampp and i get the same error. can someone tell me what to put in that path to php. please help me out.
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Postby Izzy » 31. July 2006 23:39

I have no idea what your error message is as the link you provided does not go anywhere.

user/local/bin/php is a *nix style directory structure.

The path to xampp php.ini file is xampp/apache/bin/php.ini

phpinfo() will give you the php info you require for each of your installations.

Create a phpinfo.php file in a text editor and paste the below code as is into that file. Then put that file into the web root directory on each of your servers. Then call the file- http://yourinstallation.com/phpinfo.php
Code: Select all
In XAMPP you can use the admin panel and select the menu item phpinfo()

In your windows server it might be http://alumni.mafsu.in/phpinfo.php
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