Some ActiveState ASP-perl examples don't work

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Some ActiveState ASP-perl examples don't work

Postby said_fox » 29. July 2006 16:16

Examples of scripts available by ActiveSate perl distribution for windows don't work, specially, those related with Request Object. I will list some of theses examples file's names and paths through the distribution:


Of course The ADO examples files didn't work properly until I had deleted the footer scripts which contains Request Object
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<!-- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
here is the standard showsource link -
   Note that PerlScript must be the default language --><hr>
   $url = $Request->ServerVariables('PATH_INFO')->item;
   $_ = $Request->ServerVariables('PATH_TRANSLATED')->item;
   $params = 'filename='."$1".'&URL='."$url";
   $params =~ s#([^a-zA-Z0-9&_.:%/-\\]{1})#uc '%' . unpack('H2', $1)#eg;

Also, I'd like to mention that I have copied the contents of aspsamples\ folder to XAMPP\htdocs\modperlasp\s.
I'm Windows XP user. I have already installed ActiveState Perl 5.6.
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