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Postby Alphaotoko9 » 29. July 2006 06:49

Ok, so i made my site, and im ready to make it accsessable to the world. Where do I PUT IT?! In IIS? when i got to my domain, i just get the Xampp page. help.
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Postby Izzy » 29. July 2006 07:50

All caps is deemed to be shouting in forum speak even in thread titles. ;) Members may not be able to hear you if someone is shouting. :)

It might pay you to check out the FAQ and the XAMPP web site as there is a host of info that will help you get started for now and in the near future. Searching the forums will also help as most questions you may ask have more than likely been answered already.

Faq: ... #startpage

XAMPP for Windows:

Where should I put my web site?

Your site goes in the xampp/htdocs directory which is the web root.
when you type localhost in your browser the Xampp Admin Panel is loaded because the index.html in there redirects to /htdocs/xampp/ directory.

Put your web files in the htdocs directory and replace the index.html file with your own and the rest of your web site files. Now you are set to show your web site.

Try this http://localhost/xampp/
You should get the XAMPP Admin Panel just like you do now when you just type only http://localhost

When you have put your files in the htdocs directory you type http://localhost and you should get your web site. Just make sure there is an index file in there which can be one of many like index.html index.php index.htm etc.

When you are satisfied with your web site at the localhost ( address then you can learn how to associate your web site in the htdocs directory with an Internet or Intranet IP address.

Good Luck :)
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Postby Alphaotoko9 » 29. July 2006 15:53

Sry i dident know it was in caps.... :oops: I looked "qucikly" through the faq and documentations, i dident see that though thx!
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