tool to update/synchronize local and remote DB

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tool to update/synchronize local and remote DB

Postby hugohiram » 26. July 2006 12:01


Is there a tool to synchronize data and/or update structure of my remote DB, with the one of my localhost.

explain myself: I am changing the structure of my DB on localhost and want to apply those changes to the DB on a remote server, can it be done? is there a tool to do it? (to work with XAMPP/PHPmyAdmin or standalone).

Thanks and regards.
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Postby Izzy » 26. July 2006 12:42

Is this just a one off sync after you have restructered or is this an ongoing sync when data changes on the remote or on the local database?

If its just a one off then this can be carried out after you have restructured your local database by using phpMyAdmin in XAMPP, dumping (Exporting) your database to an sql file then Exporting that file to say your desktop. Then you would use phpMyAdmin on the remote server to Import the sql dump from your desktop into your remote database. Assuming you are using a control panel with phpMyAdmin incorporated like cPanel or Plesk etc.

The other scenario of continuous sync of the 2 databases is more complex and would require a third party piece of software. Of which I am not familiar but after doing a Google I spotted some results that may do the job, I would be surprised if there was not an open source project somewhere on the web that would also do the job.
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