Looking for some Router Help.

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Looking for some Router Help.

Postby Anical » 26. July 2006 06:59

Im running xampp , and I've read some archives of previous post saying I need a domain, I used a yahoo one, but for my purposes the things it was designed to do wasn't saving to my computer, if I dont use a domain it will only show to me and nobody else, but it functions right.

I've portforwarded basically everything, even went DMZ for a bit. Im going to try to go to no-ip.com right now.. but I doubt it works, if it does Ill edit this. I'll post links to what i've tried and you can read it over and tell me what you think. I appreciate any help I can get.

what I've done :



Edit :
fiyera.servebeer.com from noip.com can't see it anywhere but localhost at the moment, but i can handle that, back to the main question :P

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