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Where is 'libapreq' in Windows XAMPP ?

PostPosted: 24. July 2006 19:27
by mdda123
Linux XAMPP contains libapreq 2.07, but it seems to be missing from the Windows version.

Before (Apache 2.0), I was able to find a .ppd for libapreq. However, now with Apache 2.2, the versions available are no longer compatible.

Does someone have a suitable libapreq2 (and mod_apreq2) ?

These are essential for using Apache::Cookie on mod_perl.

PostPosted: 24. July 2006 20:50
by Wiedmann
You are talking about mod_perl?

PostPosted: 24. July 2006 22:32
by Wiedmann
And libapreq2 isn't in Windows XAMPP Perl Addons either.

It's right there in the Linux version of XAMPP...

My question is why are they different - nothing to do with mod_perl.

Please anwser in this thread and not with pm.

"libapreq2" is not part of Apache. So it must be something to do with perl or mod_perl. And "Apache::Cookie" is mod_perl stuff too.
BTW: "Apache::Cookie" is from mod_perl1.x. In mod_perl2.x the name is "Apache2::Cookie"

AFAIK "libapreq2" is "Apache::Request" or better "Apache2::Request"?
If yes, there are some changes in the mod_perl API. You should read the mod_perl manual about the changes between the versions (and/or how to use the compat mode)