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How do I set up Mercury Mail

PostPosted: 20. July 2006 09:52
by jetski4419
Hello all,

I'm very new to xampp and I'm struggling a bit. I have just downloaded the new version of xampp, and I've looked around for a simple and clear tutorial for setting up Mercury Mail without much luck! All I want to do is have a simple php email form on a web page so that users can send me an email message.

I have a dual boot system using both XP Home and XP Pro. I am using Windows XP Home Edition as my operating system to run XAMPP and XP Pro to run MS Visual Studio and SQL Server.

I have a Tiscali Broadband Internet connection and dynamic IP addresses are assigned as and when I use the internet connection.

I am currently using OUTLOOK as my mail client. I'm using my ISP email service to send and receive email. The POP3 server is known as: and is on port 110. The SMTP server is known as: and is on port 25.

I do not have a clue on where to go or what to do to set up xampp to use the mail() function.

Can anybody point me in the right direction or give me a link to a clear and simple tutorial on the subject.

Thank you in advance.

Regards jetski4419 :?

PostPosted: 20. July 2006 11:15
by Izzy
I just posted a Tutorial in another thread for this. Not sure if it will help as I don't have MercuryMail in use. Perhaps if it helps or you can add/improve on it you may wish to do so to help others that come along behind you. :)

Here you go: ... 0840#80840

Good luck. :)

Thank you

PostPosted: 20. July 2006 11:44
by jetski4419
Thank you Izzy, I'll have a look at it.

Cheers jetski4419

PostPosted: 20. July 2006 12:35
by Izzy
There is a very good MurcuryMail Help file in Windows Help format in the xampp/mercurymail directory called mercury.hlp. This is as good as any help manual I have seen for a free product.

PostPosted: 20. July 2006 12:51
by jetski4419
Hello Izzy,

I've got it to work!!!!

I created a new user called jim, I then sent a test email using the Mercury Mail email form located at: http://localhost/xampp/

The email contained the following information:
To: jim@localhost
Subject: Testing xampp email form
Message: The email client works correctly

I then navigated to a folder called 'Jim' via: Program files | xampp | MercuryMail | Mail

On opening the folder 'Jim' I located a CNM File with an individual code (in this case it was YOPMQ201). I opened the file with notepad and it contained the following email message:

Code: Select all
Received: from spooler by localhost (Mercury/32 v4.01b); 20 Jul 2006 12:20:42 +0100
X-Envelope-To: <jim@localhost>
Return-path: <>
Received: from jetnet ( by localhost (Mercury/32 v4.01b) ID MG000005;
   20 Jul 2006 12:20:33 +0100
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 12:20:33 +0100
Subject: Testing xampp email form
To: jim@localhost

A couple of points Iwould like to raise:

Do you always have to open each email message using an editor like notepad?

The other thing I have noticed, unlike other email services there is no time and date for the message until you have actually opened it, odd, a bit of a problem if you get loads of emails?

Thank you very much for your help The email client functions correctly now, without your help I would not have been able to get the Mercury Mail client to work at all!!!

I'll have a look at the other link that you have sent me.

Thanks again, kind regards jetski4419