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Session problems

Postby claudiodom » 17. July 2006 11:31


I develop an aplication on a normal PC with XAMP, and sessions work fine... but recently i've putt my code into a WINDOWS 2003 SERVER with XAMP. And the problem starts here... i do not know why, but ... the sessions are renewed everytime i went to the aplication...

the session temp file is created but with zero size.

i do not know what to do by this time...

could someone give an hand on this???

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Postby hoergen » 12. January 2007 08:43

That has nothing to do with buggy code. There is a unhappy configuration in php.ini

Change the session.save_path to something like

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session.save_path = "0;600;C:\Temp

dem hoergen
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