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XAMPP 1.5.2 and php debugger

PostPosted: 16. July 2006 20:06
by pavlidis
I would like to enable php debugging. I have installed the XAMPP 1.5.2 with php 5.1.2 version. I have download the php_dbg.dll-5.1.2 and installed it according to insruction to php\ext directory as php_dbg.dll Also made the modifications to php.ini file in the apache\bin directory.

I tried to evaluate whether the installation was correct by calling the phpinfo. The result is that the apache is hunged always. In fact, i get a return to browser for a phpfile and the apache is killed....

Any hints why this is happening? I tried several options, as to install the dll either to windows\system32 or to apache\bin etc.... I get always the same result. My System is a WindowsXP SP2 with all latest updates installed and the browser is firefox.

PostPosted: 16. July 2006 22:17
by pavlidis
Found the solution.
The problem was the Zend Optimizer. Once I disabled this, seems to work (at least the phpinfo loads correct this time).