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XAMPP & AppServ

PostPosted: 14. July 2006 21:12
by discorev

PostPosted: 15. July 2006 00:38
by Izzy
Not sure here what you are asking. If you have a specific problem then post that along with any error messages and it may be possible to provide some answers for you.

Mostly of what I believe you are wanting to do can be achieved by changing paths to directories in the various configuration files.

Those items that don't have a .conf file could possibly be moved to another directory without any issues. Just post back after trying what you want to do with any errors you feel you need help with and someone may be able to offer that help.

According to their web site there are many Add-ons that can be applied (pretty sure AppServ is a competitor of XAMPP though). Why would you want both of then installed and running? XAMPP would be the better over all choice IMHO.

Off topic: Is your web site olliespage ?
If so you should drop the need for pop-up blockers being disabled as today on the Internet most browsers would have pop-up blocking switched on by default to block pop-ups as they more often than not are "in your face" adverts and not welcome at all. Just a heads up there if you are re-designing your web site as it may switch off some of your visitors, which are hard to attract as it is these days. :)

PostPosted: 15. July 2006 01:41
by discorev

PostPosted: 15. July 2006 01:52
by Izzy
If it's any help no right click restrictions can be circumvented quite easily these days also.

PostPosted: 15. July 2006 01:57
by discorev

PostPosted: 15. July 2006 02:34
by Izzy
I don't need to talk to you again about anything. You have had all my replies and opinions about the original subject.

PostPosted: 20. July 2006 08:40
by godsdead
I had Appserver, i now have XAmpp ROFL if you wanna really try and compare the difference your an idiot Xampp is amazing but HUGE in filesize.. depends how professional you wanna go!? lol
Oh and you can use COPY>Paste to hopy over the www/ whatevr, all to the htdocs folder, same with the mysql/data
And, well thats it.. apart from re-setting up users and such.. :D