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Sharing files over the internet?

PostPosted: 14. July 2006 18:01
by afruff23
Can somebody walk me through sharing files over the internet? I want to stream mp3 files away from home. I installed xampp 1.5.3a and already have samba shares on my PC setup correctly. My ISP blocks port 80 as well to complicate things. :( My port 25 inbound is also blocked. And yes, I do have a broadband connection.

I know my WAN IP and it is dynamic. I also know how to port forward. I have a dyndns account as well.

The amount of software bundled with XAMPP is overwhelming. Can somebody please help? I have a belkin f5d7230-4 if that matters, and I believe it uses port 80 for the web control(I amy be wrong).

PostPosted: 15. July 2006 11:20
by WooshMan
If I understand you correctly:

You want to be able to listen to MP3's when you are not at home via streaming.

Try running apache (xampp) on port 8080 or any port that is not blocked.

This will give you access to your webserver even if 80 is blocked by your isp.

Then try using shoutcast for your streaming.

There is a program which allows you to list all of your mp3's in a http window and you can click on the ones you want to play and it will cue them and play them. The name of it begins with www but I cannot rememeber the rest. Sorry.

I hope this helps.


PostPosted: 15. July 2006 18:59
by afruff23
I've used shoutcast before, but it's not secure. I was hoping to stream other things as well like movies(I have 2 mb/s upload) and see my documents. Also, how do I change the port for apache? If I could stream files from filezilla, that would be great? If so, then can somebody help me?

PostPosted: 16. July 2006 02:45
by Izzy
Do a Google search for Reactor Server. This might be more up your alley.