DOS window poping up on every page load

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DOS window poping up on every page load

Postby Percept » 14. July 2006 00:03


I've been using Xampp for more then a year now and it's an absolute troublesaver ... but I got a problem that started recently.

Whenever I load a (php) page an empty DOS window pops up for a fraction of a second and then disspapears again. Anyone know what could be causing this ? I havn't seen this behavior before and like I said ... been using it for more then a year.

Thanks in advance !
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Postby godsdead » 19. July 2006 09:32

Are you useing GD in your PHP files?
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Postby Izzy » 19. July 2006 09:37

The pop up probably contains an error message. Look in your apache/logs/error.log (or your custom error log) for any clues.
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