why not production??

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why not production??

Postby Killerfrog » 01. July 2006 18:40


Why is it told Xampp isn't build for production??? If we don't choose Xampp, what could be considered as beeing ready for production?? In my case, I use Xampp for 2 years in production and it seems really stable and secure. I've put a firewall on the server and opened the only the http port. I don't really understand what could happen to my server...

Hope someone will get an answer at this
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Postby WooshMan » 01. July 2006 20:38

I wondered that but you answered you own question.

You have made it secure. You will have already created a MySql password, deleted the ftp and mail account and created a password for XAMPP itself.

When you install xampp anyone can access it which leaves it wide open. As soon as you do the above it becomes very secure.

I had a company run a security test on my server and it passed. The only difference I run to xampp is the mail server. Mercury is not 100% multiple domain.

So you and I both see xampp as a good production server.

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Postby bluemamba » 15. July 2006 16:16

I'm also using xampp in production.
I host more then 20 domains and i have more then 4Gb/day transfer rate.
My xampp serves more then 3000 unique visitors/day and it is stable & secured.

I don't like Mercury and I use HmailServer. I also use a server firewall and except PHP safe mode, everything is OK.

I tested my server without firewall with Retina and it seems to be quite safe.

When using it for production sites remember to tune MySQL, PHP and Apache!
Default XAMPP settings are more "developer" then production tuned.

Good job XAMPP! Nice pice of work!
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Postby Killerfrog » 15. July 2006 16:21

could you explain exactly how tuning mysql, php and apache please ??

I fully agree with your for the hmailserver part. Mercury is the worst choice of this package.
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