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Subversion 1.3.2 and Apache 1.5.3a on Windows XP

PostPosted: 29. June 2006 13:17
by hanska
When I try to install Subversion as WebDAV server conform the svn instructions, Apache won't restart. When I invoke httpd.exe manually, I got the following message:
httpd: Syntax error on line 144 of E:/xamp/apache/conf/httpd.conf: API module structure `dav_svn_module' in file E:/xampp/apache/modules/
is garbled - perhaps this is not an Apache module DSO?

The message remain after re-downloading/installing Subversion
Any help would be appreciated


PostPosted: 14. July 2006 11:00
by maletin
i think you need the svn-libraries compiled for apache2.2.
all libraries i know are only compiled for apache2.0 :(