under investigation by taustin.

Problems with the Windows version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related. under investigation by taustin.

Postby WorldDrknss » 22. June 2006 05:11

You have to register before you are able to view the tutorials, and they are listed undered "General".
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Postby taustin » 22. June 2006 16:48

You want to make this public, fine.

Pre-checking boxes is a standard spammer trick. And I do not sign up for "newsletters."

The message I reported had nothing whatsoever to do with Xampp, or tutorials for it. It was an advertisment for some kind of gaming server or site. I did not sign up to receive advertisments for something unrelated to the subject of the web site. That, too, is a standard spammer trick.

As for contacting you, and what people should have done, you should not have spammed me. The message I reported was the third or fourth one that had nothing to do with Xampp or tutorials for it.

And if you already had an investigation going, perhaps that is a clue that you need to change your behavior. If your hosting was canceled, there are only two possibilities: Either the complaint was investigated, and found to be valid, or your host are idiots, which is sad for you, but hardly my fault.

At least you didn't include any threats this time, you little punk.

(And since I don't spam, I'm hardly concerned what you might want to report.)
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Postby taustin » 22. June 2006 16:57

BTW, punk, be very careful about what lies you put on your home page, or I'll be talking to Verizon about that, too.

You want a public fight, I'll give you one. And you'll lose, because you spammed me.
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Postby stef25 » 22. June 2006 21:55

well i checked out the tutorials site and could not find any tutorials. i also got a pop under with casino ads, offering me to download "something"

these tricks are so 1990's. and i could not find one tutorial

so when it comes to first impressions dude, its not looking very good that site
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Postby taustin » 22. June 2006 23:22

There are tutorials there, as well as some scripts to help get stuff right in the .conf files. The site itself is a useful resource, though I agree it's confusing and difficult to find stuff. I have no objections to that.

It's getting spammed.

And, now that I dig out the orignal spam, it makes more sense that they got axed so quickly. It wasn't an ad for the game server - though I got two or three of those, including one that asked for money. The one that was reported was a damn chain letter. And one so poorly written, in such a stream-of-consciousness style, that I swear I thought it was the random filler that is so ubiquitious in spam these days to avoid filters.

I'm willing to accept that this was cluelessness rather than more traditional commercial spam, on the part of whoever spammed me, but it was still spam, and chain letters are even worse.
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