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very newbie question..need help

PostPosted: 18. June 2006 22:06
by zooray
I have just downloaded xampp-win32-1.5.3a-installer.exe
and installed the files on c:/programme but when I trying to make apache and mysql run using control panel no response.

page not found

I shutdown all firewall apps, no other apps like phone tools etc that can interfere.

while checking httpd.conf server root is defined on ServerRoot "/xampp/apache"

do I need to change ServerRoot "/xampp/apache" to c:/programme/xampp/apache ????...if many lines are there that are interlinked to other config?

I read post here that problem would solve if installed on c:/xampp instead of c:/programme/ but the installer creates automatically a folder xampp...which would be c:/xampp/xampp...again the path problem.

does anyone know how to install on c:/ with single xampp folder using installer?

many thanks

PostPosted: 19. June 2006 00:30
by deepsurfer
do you use any tunings tools (like TuneUp2006) ???

This tools make trouble for the setup_xampp.bat, the setup_xampp.bat is a script that read his relative location in folders and write the XAMPP-Configfiles.

If any of this tools running, the setup_xampp.bat get false folder directives and xampp doesnt work.

PostPosted: 19. June 2006 10:10
by zooray
hi deepsurfer
no tunning tools installed!

below script from setup_xampp.bat
if "%1" == "sfx" (
cd xampp

I have installed xampp under c:/xampp/xampp.... will it work if I change setup_xampp.bat cd xampp to cd xampp/xampp?

will it correct the all path thats required?