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Waiting for localhost...

PostPosted: 16. June 2006 20:04
by lamz
I have used xampp for a while but suddenly yesterday it died.Whe i try to enter localhost my browser gives me waiting for...and in 1-2 minutes connection timed out.I said ok lets reinstall.I have removed absolutely everything and tried again - the same problem.Reinstall again this time not as a service...same.Changed the package again the same problem.

But when i put a simple server it worked fine.
Where is the problem with apache.

I use Sp2.Removed firewall,skype and so on...

PostPosted: 16. June 2006 20:30
by deepsurfer
have you in the last view days the "Microsoft Update Service" running ?.

check everthing if not any programm running that can block the xampp.

open a doxbox and go manuel to the xampp folder.
start there the " apache_start.bat ", if any errors, you now see it.


PostPosted: 16. June 2006 20:55
by lamz
yes i have the updater runing those few days but.. in the moment it isnt...
and i saw where the error might be.When i open portcheck the port 443 is in use so the https service is in use not the http so i type
Code: Select all

and this time the result is not waiting but...connected to localhost
the wors thing is that actually i cant enter again.How to run http not https ??

Help pls as fast as possible because i should run it in less than 10 minutes :(

PostPosted: 16. June 2006 21:34
by deepsurfer
which XAMPP Version you use ?
if you use XAMPP befor Version 1.5.0 you can find a line in your httpd.conf
with # Win32DisableAcceptEx
delete the " # ", save the file, restart Apache.

If you use from 1.5.0 you must add this
in the last line of you httpd.conf, save file, restart apache

testing and report...


PostPosted: 16. June 2006 21:43
by lamz
how many beers do you want :lol:


thank you very much 10x ;)


PostPosted: 17. June 2006 18:16
by lamz
Now other problem.It worked for the job yesterday but it could not continue like that.The server works painfuly slow :shock:
I cant open my ipb just simple pages and scripts :(

PostPosted: 17. June 2006 20:06
by deepsurfer
hhmm... normaly with this funktion resolv performance problems with xampp.

- what say the processlist ? (cpu occupancy rate by the two apache.exe) ?
- is TMP folder empty or filled with a plethora of files ?


PostPosted: 18. June 2006 09:51
by lamz
one of the apaches is consuming 40,000 k and the other just 64.The htdocs is full with the original xampp docu + one ipb forum ;)