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Problem with two connections

PostPosted: 13. June 2006 15:56
by neoxyn
Hi, I'm using XAMPP 1.5.3 for windows and everything works fine. Today i noticed something weird though :

- I wanted to test some website, so i copied the files to htdocs, and typed localhost in my browser and everything loaded fine.

- Because I wanted to make sure everything works for people from the outside, I asked my friend to see if it worked for him, it did.

- Now comes the problem -> When Im on the website', and browsing it, and ask my friend to go on the website also, it won't load anymore. Neither me or my friend can't acces any website hosted by me, just got no response. To make things work again, i got to stop the server and start again.

- I thought it had something to do with multiple connections, but then i found out that if my friend is browsing the website, and i open the website myself via my browser, it works fine ( so 2 people browsing at the same time).

I got this problem for all my sites. So when someone surfs to my adress, when im surfing on the site, server won't respond anymore. When someone surfs my website and I go to the website, everything keeps working fine.

I hope you understand, my English is not that good.

PostPosted: 19. June 2006 21:08
by Kristian Marcroft

can you give us any information of what is logged at each time?
This is a very specific problem, so you'll have to supply some details.

Kristian Marcroft