FileZilla Server security addon...

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FileZilla Server security addon...

Postby novagamer01 » 12. June 2006 04:56

I have the filezilla server installed on more then a few
boxes, and was shocked at how many times there were
people trying to log in.

So I wrote a script FZBFD. If you like this as an ftp server,
you may want to secure your server from brute force logins,
where the jerks just plugs away testing passwd after passwd...

I also have added DS Shields top 100 ips to the script.
The script is at 1.5 beta now, but to be safe all you have to do
is copy the file FileZilla Server.xml into a safe place for quick backup.

Anyway, you can get program at forum

Ps, Im looking for help with the project,
any one who is comfortable with perl who has some
spare time, just let me know...
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