Okay. I'm retarded....I need help getting it to RUN.

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Okay. I'm retarded....I need help getting it to RUN.

Postby th1alb » 10. June 2006 22:33

Okay, I am .101 on my network. Due to unrelated issues, I *cannot* set up an internal static IP. However, I do have port 80 forwarded to .101 at the moment. So it works, for now.

I cannot get a connection at localhost when I start apache.

I have it all forwarded, I have everything working.

I am retarded and network-deficient, please help me. Speak with me as if I was a small child.
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 19. June 2006 21:03


can you ping localhost?
Have you modified your httpd.conf to only listen on a certain IP?

Kristian Marcroft
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