Can't change theme w/ ZoneAlarm

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Can't change theme w/ ZoneAlarm

Postby PaulW » 06. June 2006 13:35

Probably a simple solution, but it evades me...

Re: Xampp Admin/phpMyAdmin

I find the "Xampp" theme/style a bit hard on my eye, so I tried switching to the "Original" theme/style. Seems to work; however, when my IE6 browser refreshes, I still have the orange "Xampp" theme.

After playing around a bit, I find that if I turn off ZoneAlarm, the theme change takes effect. If I exit Xampp, turn ZoneAlarm back on and restart Xampp, the theme is back to "Xampp" orange. (Of course, I don't like running without ZoneAlarm on board.)

So, here's my question: What setting in ZoneAlarm must I change to keep ZoneAlarm from blocking the Xampp theme change? Thanks for the help.
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