How to install xampp on windows server 2003??

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How to install xampp on windows server 2003??

Postby statiic » 26. May 2006 17:50

OK guys,

This is what I have done. Installed win server 2003 enterprise. Installed anti virus and installed xampp.

When I start apache,mysql,filezilla everything seems to be ok. But when I type in localhost in the browser. I get the error message that the page is not available. Also when I try it from my other computer I dont get anything.

Does anyone know how to make the htdocs folder public. So people can see my website.
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Postby ntsmarkv » 28. May 2006 02:04

You might want to check the ports that you are using if you have the firewall installedcheck the exceptions and the ports..

Beforre that try to check if you have IIS installed Windows Servers OS have them running by default that would be your main problem.
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