How to uninstall XAMPP?

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How to uninstall XAMPP?

Postby User^ » 25. May 2006 16:43


How do I uninstall XAMPP for Windows installer version?

I read that I need to stop services, then uninstall them individually? then stop xampp completely then uninstall it? When I installed XAMPP originally, i installed them all as services.

Or, does add/remove programs do it all for me? Im really confused :( and i dont want to mess my computer up :(

Could somebody explain how to safely uninstall xampp in simple step by step how to do this?

Thank you in anticipation and thanks for the great program.
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Postby tachu » 26. May 2006 17:13

Ok I guess ur on Windows. Go to your XAMPP control panel. Stop every service running (Apache, MySQL, FileZilla, Mercury). After each one is stopped, press the exit button on the control panel to terminate it's current process. No go to Start > All Programs > apachefriends > XAMPP > xampp Uninstall.

Follow each step and delete everything. When it's done, open your windows explorer and go to C:\Program Files\
When your'e there, make sure the XAMPP folder where you installed it is not there anymore. If it is, delete it, as some MySQL files may have not be deleted.
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