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how to impost a differt port from 80 for Apache of Xampp

PostPosted: 25. May 2006 09:57
by lulaleila78
Hi, I'me new with this tool.
I've just installed xampp and now I would like to know how to impost the port for the Apache server. For now the port 80 is busy. How could I impost a different port for the listening of server?
Please help me, I need very much your help
Thanks in advance :)

PostPosted: 29. May 2006 13:02
by Naneau
you can change the port apache tries to use in the httpd.conf file, which you can find in the xampp directory. However, port 80 is the standard port on wich a web server should run. I can't see why it should be busy, except if you run another web server.

in the httpd.conf look for:
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Listen 80

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ServerName localhost:80

httpd.conf can be found in: [xampp dir] / apache / conf /

PostPosted: 30. May 2006 07:29
by lulaleila78
Thanks a lot, now it is working!!
evviva :D

Problems changing Apache port number

PostPosted: 21. June 2006 18:46
by hufemj
I am running Skype as well and would like to leave Skype on its default port numbers. XAMPPLite version 1.5.1 is installed on the PC. I tried changing:


as follows:



Listen 8090

Yet, when I start Apache in the XAMPP control panel (note: Skype NOT running), and run xampp-portcheck I get the following:

Apache (HTTP) 80
Apache (WebDav) 81

Any suggestions?

- Mark