how to impost a differt port from 80 for Apache of Xampp

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how to impost a differt port from 80 for Apache of Xampp

Postby lulaleila78 » 25. May 2006 09:57

Hi, I'me new with this tool.
I've just installed xampp and now I would like to know how to impost the port for the Apache server. For now the port 80 is busy. How could I impost a different port for the listening of server?
Please help me, I need very much your help
Thanks in advance :)
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Postby Naneau » 29. May 2006 13:02

you can change the port apache tries to use in the httpd.conf file, which you can find in the xampp directory. However, port 80 is the standard port on wich a web server should run. I can't see why it should be busy, except if you run another web server.

in the httpd.conf look for:
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Listen 80

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ServerName localhost:80

httpd.conf can be found in: [xampp dir] / apache / conf /
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Postby lulaleila78 » 30. May 2006 07:29

Thanks a lot, now it is working!!
evviva :D
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Problems changing Apache port number

Postby hufemj » 21. June 2006 18:46

I am running Skype as well and would like to leave Skype on its default port numbers. XAMPPLite version 1.5.1 is installed on the PC. I tried changing:


as follows:



Listen 8090

Yet, when I start Apache in the XAMPP control panel (note: Skype NOT running), and run xampp-portcheck I get the following:

Apache (HTTP) 80
Apache (WebDav) 81

Any suggestions?

- Mark
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