Need help tackling "Cannot redeclare class" issue

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Need help tackling "Cannot redeclare class" issue

Postby sdawara » 24. May 2006 07:35


I am a newbie with PHP/Apache/MySQL. Learning as I go along.

I have a PHP application I am attempting to run under XAmpp. The application throws an error when run: "Cannot redeclare class db_common in c:\application-path\WEB-INF\lib\pear\DB\Common.php on line 30".

It looks like the PHP Application ships with a version of "Pear" that has an issue when run on the Windows system with XAmpp. I have successfully run the PHP application on Linux with PHP 4.4.2.

Relevent System information:
* I have configured XAmpp for PHP 4.4.2 on Windows.
* I have tried switching all the paths (Apache document root) to load only the application and avoid loading PHPWebAdmin and so on.

Can anyone help me with a few ideas to debug the issue? Any solutions to the problem?

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